Azure Cloud Infrastructure


There are various servers needed for blockchain development. One example is if you are creating a website that accepts Stratis as payment. You can’t leave such a server running on your laptop at home. You need a cloud server that handles connections to the web front end, connections to a Stratis Full Node, and connections to a database of addresses and private keys. So to help reduce the complexity of creating a blockchain development solution, the SDF will create “server templates” that can be deployed quickly on Azure. Common servers needed will be identified and created.

Next Tasks

  1. Find people with Azure infrastructure expertise
  2. Identify some of the most common servers needed for blockchain development
  3. Fund the creation of Azure server templates

Common servers in need of templates

  • Stratis Full Node (probably already templatized by the Stratis team, need to investigate)
  • Stratis Block Explorer
  • Secure transaction signing wallet
  • Backend for a web wallet

How to contribute to this project

Join us on Discord to contribute.