Learning Resources:

Installation Instructions

Set up a dev box on Azure

Setting up the Stratis Full Node for development

Install Visual Studio on Windows

Install Visual Studio on OSX

Setting up a (QT) Stratis Node for RPC

Full node on Raspberry Pi 3


Adding new functionality to the Stratis Full Node

Contributing to the SDF with Github

Stratis C# code samples

Adding new functionality to the Stratis Full Node

Generating private keys

Generating API client software in other languages

Writing an OP_RETURN message to the blockchain

Creating and Deploying a smart contract

Signing a message and Verifying a message

Creating a vanity address

Using the Stratis node for RPC

Official Stratis team produced resources

Stratis Academy landing page

Programming the blockchain in C#

Community produced resources

Stratis Price and Staking Information

Stratis Block Explorer