Contributing to the SDF to receive bounties

Bounties are offered for performing certain tasks for the SDF. These are awards in the form of the Stratis cryptocurrency.

Bounty information request

Asking for clarification on what is needed to complete the bounty is a good idea. You can contact the SDF here to request clarification for what is needed to complete any given bounty successfully. This also helps prevent you from starting a bounty that someone else is already working on.

Bounty approval process

Bounties are awarded at the sole discretion of the SDF. The SDF may decide that the work submitted is insufficient for any reason. In this case, no awards will be given. This is the only way for the SDF to protect itself from someone submitting poor work and demanding awards. In some cases, partial bounty awards may be given for work which is deemed to be a partial completion of the requested task.

It is possible that you may start working on a bounty, only to have someone else complete and submit the bounty first. In this case, it is again the sole discretion of the SDF if any awards are given, and how much those awards will be.

Award process

A Stratis address should be included in the comments of the github pull request. Stratis will be sent to this address if the SDF decides to award a bounty for the work.

Use of submissions

By creating a pull request on github to our github account, you are authorizing the SDF to use your submission in any way they choose, whether or not a bounty is awarded.