Process for completing bounties for reward: Bounty Process

(Contact the SDF for more information on what is required to claim these bounties)

Coding Tasks

OP_RETURN Block Explorer

Bounty: 100 STRAT

Port Copay Wallet to Stratis

Bounty: 100 STRAT

Fee estimator improvements for Stratis Full Node

Bounty: 30 STRAT

HTML Dashboard served on localhost for SFN

Bounty: 20 STRAT

Investigate indexing to determine how to add additional indexes

Bounty: 10 STRAT

Add Multisig Endpoint

Bounty: 30 STRAT

Port RPC calls to API

Bounty: 100 STRAT

WAVES gateway

Bounty: 50 STRAT

Article Writing

Setting up an Azure block explorer

Bounty: 40 STRAT


Bounties are available for the Projects that the SDF is working on. However, you should join our Discord to collaborate on those projects.