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Stratis Development Foundation Launches

What is the Stratis Development Foundation?

The Stratis Development Foundation (SDF) is a community of people who support development on the Stratis Platform. The support is in the form of education (providing tutorials on how to use Stratis to make blockchain solutions), tools (providing sample code for commonly used functions), strategy (helping projects that are builing on Stratis plan their technology solution) and technical support (helping people who need technical help with Stratis related tasks).

How is the SDF community organized?

The SDF community is currently using Discord, a chat software, to communicate. People there collaborate on bounties (performing tasks in exchange for STRAT tokens), and propose new bounties for tasks that need to be completed. Articles that are written by the community are hosted on this site, and code written by the community is either hosted on the SDF github, or submitted directly to the Stratis Project open source repositories.

How is the SDF funded?

Currently, a small number of Stratis community members are funding the SDF. In the future, a public donation system may be used, in combination with a transparent system for deciding which initiatives to fund. Currently, we are not accepting donations. We are accepting proposals on which projects/tasks to fund.

How can I get involved with the SDF?

Developers who want to learn about blockchain

We believe the best way to learn about blockchain is not by reading long articles, but by playing around with blockchain code and making things. Stratis has an easy to use C# code base, and we are creating articles that demonstrate how to set it up and create your own transactions on the blockchain. As well, we show some sample code for other tasks, teach you how to debug and explore the code.

You can visit our Learning section to see our learning articles. However, blockchain development is complicated and we have a community of developers who love to talk about blockchain. So joining our Discord is an important resource to help you learn.

Developers who want to make something with Stratis

We are creating an expanding collection of code samples that show how certain tasks can be accomplished on Stratis. However, we are in the early stages of this, so it would be very helpful to us if you joined our Discord to tell us about what kind of things you want to build. This will help us to know which code samples to create next.

As well, if you need strategic advice on larger projects, we would love to talk to you.

Developers who want to earn STRAT tokens

We are creating a library of code samples, server templates, and learning articles. If we have more people helping us, we can create more and better learning materials. Luckily, the SDF has funding in the form of STRAT tokens, that we give to people who help us. You can find the list of currently available Bounties here.

Established businesses who want to use Stratis for their solution

Your first point of contact should be with the official Stratis team. They have a consulting team who can provide the expert knowledge you need. However, we hope that when you build on Stratis, you will help the SDF improve it’s articles and open source code, if possible. You are welcome to join our SDF community to ask questions and share your own knowledge.

Startups who want to use Stratis for their solution

Again, you should be in contact with the official Stratis team. However you are also encouraged to join the SDF. We will be happy to give you strategic support, give feedback on your Stratis technical implementation, and answer questions you have about Stratis to the best of our ability.

Investors in the Stratis token

If you are not a developer, and don’t understand highly technical blockchain concepts, you can still possibly help the SDF. We need help with many tasks, such as writing/editing articles, making explainer videos, sharing SDF articles with new audiences, and recruiting developers to join the SDF.

Please contact us on Discord if you want to help us reach our goals.

Join us

This project is still in it’s early stages - Nothing is set in stone yet, so please join us and bring your valuable feedback and ideas.

SDF Discord

SDF Reddit